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Your next workspace
is everywhere.

Compare Hotels, Cafès and Coworking spaces near you and pick the one that suits your business needs.
It only takes 3 minutes.
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Hopp is the platform that helps remote workers
to find their perfect workspace…

...make new connections and improve your business!

Work remotely from Café, Hotels
and Coworking spaces

Compare all the options and
choose the best one for you

Do you need peace of mind? Book a hotel room during the day-time and work in complete privacy!
Are you a freelancer and like to travel?
Book a coworking desk and get inspired by new people and places
Do you need to get a job done right away?
Book a table in a local café just for the time you need
Are you a smartworker?
Compare Hotels, Cafès and Coworking, all in one platform. Be sure to get the right place to get your job done!
Do you run a business?
Let the hoppers work in your spaces. You decide how and when.
Are you a smartworker?
Network with Hopp. You'll meet other hoppers to collaborate with for your next project.
Do you run a business?
Boost the profitability of your space during off-peak hours. Hoppers will book your space to work.

Compare all the options and choose the best one for you

Manage your reservation from your Badge

Only interact with hoppers nearby

and find collaboration opportunities

Uno smartphone, per illustrare l'app di Hopp
Uno smartphone, per illustrare l'app di Hopp
Uno smartphone, per illustrare l'app di Hopp
Kind of interesting, right? Let's make it real!

Get in touch with us and invest in Hopp.

Here is what they say about Hopp!

Mario Spinella
"With hopp in just two minutes I can work away from home distractions."
Eleonora Velluto
Hopp partner
"Hopp was the reason to renovate my place: now my clients are much happier".
Lisa Luksch
"I can finally work and order food without leaving my bag unattended."
Florencia Porta CIttadini
Hopp partner
"Since I started using Hopp, the profitability of my place has increased by 20%".
Claire O'Sullivan
"Since I work remotely from Sicily, I have found my work-relax balance, far from the chaos of big cities. Working in a Hopp by the sea is a dream"
Marshall Greek
Hopp partner
"Since using Hopp, my hotel is now known by more people".

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